If you have an idea for a commission, please do get in contact via the contact form or via my social media. Whether it's your child, a wrestler, a person, a beloved pet or something gloriously esoteric! I will consider many things, but will reserve the right to say no if it's too tricky for time or other reasons.

If you contact me with your commission idea, we can discuss size, materials and format and I'll come up with a price. If you browse the original drawings for sale on the site you can get an idea of what I charge for different levels of detail and work in the image. The variance in my pricing is largely related to the time and effort that goes into each piece.

But just as a very rough guide, a portrait of one person on A4 paper in coloured mixed media would be in the range of £60-£80. More people/faces are likely to be a little more, more detail in clothing and background are likely to be more. Bigger sizes would cost more. Conversely, smaller sizes, monochrome, and fewer details would be likely to cost less.

Portrait of my daughter in soft pastels, 2014

Portrait of my daughter in soft pastels, 2014